Project Description

Spokane 7.8kW Solar PV System with EV Charger

This may be the first residential solar installation to include an EV charger built into the inverter. This system is comprised of 26 Itek 300-SE solar panels and a Solar Edge SE7600H_US inverter with integrated EV charger. This unique EV charger adds a boost to the charging rate of the EV from the solar panels when available (i.e. sunny). The home owner will now enjoy an 80% reduction in electric utility bills annually from a system that will pay itself of in under nine years.

Project Details

Location: Spokane, WA.

Type: Residential

System Size: 7.8kW

Solar Panels: iTek 300-SE 

Inverter(s): SE7600H_US with EV Charger

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