Project Description

Nine Mile Falls 4.5kW Solar PV System

This 4.5 kW solar PV system is using an SMA string inverter and 15 REC Silicon 315W solar panels, manufactured right here in Washington State. The home owner is estimated to save 35% on their yearly electric bill,  and with federal incentives, this system will be paid off in 14 years. The expected annual energy production for this system is over 5,500 kWh which is equivalent to burning 4,285 pounds of coal*, using 438 gallons of gasoline in the typical passenger car*, or driving 9,649 miles in a typical passenger vehicle*. Thank you for choosing Solar!

*source: EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Project Details

Location: Nine Mile Falls, WA

Type: Residential

System Size: 4.5 kW

Solar Panels: REC Silicon 315PE72

Inverter: SMA SB Series

DC Optimizers: Tigo

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