PCI Renewables Inc., Inc. is proud to announce their design and installation of the largest Church based photovoltaic (PV) solar array in Washington State for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane.   The construction of the 18.75 kilowatt PV System utilizing Northwest Made SolarWorld Sunkits ™  was completed October 19th, 2012.

PCI Renewables was approached by the Chairman of the Church’s Solar Committee to discuss the design and construction of a large roof mounted Photovoltaic System (PV) to help the Church realize their renewable energy goals.  The Solar Committee had been working with several other local contractors in the area to help build momentum for the project within the congregation which included local contractor Northwest Solar.  PCI Renewables was committed from the start to explore variations of system sizes and methods for maximizing the power production of the system while maintaining a competitive proposal which made the project financially feasible.

The Vision Statement of PCI Renewables “to be an energy management team that excels in serving our clients and community as an advocate in the protection of our natural resources through conservation of energy and maximizing the production of renewable energy systems”, falls directly in-line with the Unitarian Universalist Church choosing to be ‘an environmental steward’.  The solar array will lower the Church’s operating costs through energy cost savings while taking advantage of Washington State’s Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program.  The environmental benefits of the system include offsetting 444.4 Tons of CO2 which is the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees or not driving 1,111,015 Miles.  The Church has a nearly perfect South facing roof making them an ideal candidate for Solar and making the array visible to the public, which all parties involved hope will help increase the creation of jobs through an increase of the construction of renewable energy systems.

The Church had originally raised money to complete the solar array through donations made by members of the congregation but then soon realized that a partnership with Washington Based Non-Profit Sustainable Works would allow them access to financing options to increase the size of the solar array.  Sustainable Works was able to secure additional financing for the project while taking on the role as the non-profit general contractor.  With Sustainable Works involved with the project, we were also able to help the Church realize energy savings through upgrades of their HVAC and Plumbing systems.  PCI Renewables designed and implemented a control system to automatically start & stop exhaust fans and turn on & off lighting in high traffic areas saving the Church hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.