Washington State has some of the best incentives for Renewable Energy Production in the US.  The incentive for adding Solar to your home or business has changed based on a new law which passed in July 2017. The new incentives pay for every kilowatt produced. Please see the table below showing rates based on which year the system is installed & certified and whether the system is classified as Residential (12 kW or smaller) or Commercial (larger than 12kW).

Install and Certify by: Residential & Community Solar Rates per kW produced Commercial & Shared Commercial Rates per kW produced Incentive End Date
Modules not made in WA. Modules made in WA. Modules not made in WA. Modules made in WA.
June, 30 2018 $0.16 $0.21 $0.06 $0.11 June, 30 2026
June, 30 2019 $0.14 $0.18 $0.04 $0.09 June, 30 2027
June, 30 2020 $0.12 $0.15 $0.02 $0.07 June 30, 2028
June, 30 2021 $0.10 $0.12 $0.02 $0.07 June 30, 2029

This means that the Utility Companies pay you for EVERY KILOWATT HOUR YOU PRODUCE, so the time to act and get your system paying you back is now!  PCI Renewables is a registered installer for both the leading Solar Panel Manufacturer in the US and the leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in Washington State providing you options. Couple the production incentives with the 30% Federal Tax Credit for the installed costs of the system and the sales tax exemption for renewable energy products, Solar PV Systems can pay you back within 10 years.

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Utility Outages

With advancements in battery technologies, PCI Renewables is now offering grid-tied battery backed on/off-grid solar PV systems for homes and business.  New battery technologies take up less space, require no maintenance and have much longer warranties, both in duration and discharge cycles.   Batteries can be installed for back up power or for self-consumption of the power your solar PV system generates. We can also integrate generators into your system to make sure your power systems last as long as the utility outage.

Financing Available

We have developed a partnership with credit unions in Washington State that can help with financing Residential Solar Projects at low interest rates.

$0 to get started, you can finance 100% of the project cost.

Low interest rates, with most customers qualifying at 4.25% Maximum loan limit of $70,000.

You determine the loan term up to 180 months (15 years), with no prepayment penalty.

You may re-amortize the loan once at no cost. This is a great way to reduce the loan payments by paying down the loan using money from your federal tax credit, first year of production payments, or both.

This is NOT a home equity loan. The loan is secured against the solar equipment, not your home.

Rising Energy Costs

With Energy costs, expected by most analysts, to rise at a rate of 5% per year, your Solar PV system will generate clean, renewable energy with no additional or unexpected costs for a guaranteed 25 years.  The panels will continue to produce power long after the 25 year warranty expires and in some cases, they can work for up to 40 years!  While the Northwest has an abundance of hydro-electric dams, in times of peak demand, we still purchase power generated from coal and natural fired plants around the country.  The carbon offset from installing solar PV systems on your home or business can not only help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, but has the equivalent of planting trees.

Free Consultations

PCI Renewables uses state of the art solar site analysis tools and years of experience to evaluate your site for potential solar energy production.  We offer free site investigation, consultations and estimates.  All proposals provide you with estimates for any variety of system sizes and products you request, estimated production values based on site analysis and solar installation values and simple payback economic analysis.  All for free with no obligation!

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